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INFORMATION » 8th of July 2017 - Some of the galleries now come with an additional extra large version of the gallery. To date the ones for the models Regina Zsigmond and Ayla Rose. These are downloadable in a zip folder from the main gallery page. To check you can open the zip folders which contain the larger images, go to the preview page, click on the "Zip_Test.cpgz" image and a test zip folder should download. If not try selecting "download linked file" from your control click menu (Mac) or PC equivalent. Then check that you can open the zip folder on your computer. In the test zip folder you should find 3 images from the Regina Zsigmond gallery at 5000x3338px. If you have any problems opening the zip folder seek advice on forums for your system. This is the only type of zip folder I am able to create currently on my system. Thanks for visiting this website :-)